Student Opportunities with the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition has provided a comprehensive list of workshops, scholarships, and volunteer opportunities for students across Oklahoma. Click here for their downloadable brochure.

Upcoming Contest and Event Dates

February and March are very busy months for art education, and the OAEA would like to help you keep track of everything going on! Below are some of the major contests and events happening within the field of art education in Oklahoma:

Feb. 12 – Youth Art Month Flags, State Superintendent’s Showcase, and NAEA Convention artwork due to Sarah Carnes and Michelle Barnes.
Feb. 13 – Junior Young Talent in Oklahoma artwork lists due.
Feb. 18 – USAO Innovations Artwork delivered for exhibition (11 am – 7pm)
Feb. 20 – Young Talent in Oklahoma submissions due by 7pm (Westmoore High School)

March 4 – State Superintendent Award for Arts Excellence application postmarked and mailed.
March 23 – Modern Madonna of the Prairie Photography Contest submissions due.
March 26 to 28 – NAEA Convention in New Orleans, LA.

Young People’s Art Exhibit Photos, Youth Art Month Flag Submissions, and NAEA Convention Artwork

Take a few moments  to view photos from the 2015 Young People’s Art Exhibit in Oklahoma City. Thank to you everyone who participated and helped out with the exhibition!

On Thursday, February 12 from 4:15-5:30, Kate, Michelle Barnes, and Sarah Carnes will be at the I-240 Starbucks (East of 76th & South Penn (near Dollar Tree/Mazzio’s Pizza/Joe’s Crab Shack) accepting YAM Middle School (6-8) Flag submissions, Superintendent’s Showcase artwork (we need 2 from every teacher (K-6th), and artwork for NAEA National Convention in New Orleans (we have not had artwork on display for several years (PK-12th).

Signed releases are needed for YAM flag submissions if the student wins the YAM state flag and releases are also needed for artwork going to the NAEA National Convention. We will make needed copies of the originals. Artwork from National Convention will be brought back by Michelle Barnes and Sarah Carnes. Please follow the guidelines for submissions (no frames). You will have it back to enter the OK State Fair later in April.

Superintendent’s Showcase (Oklahoma State Department of Education – Oliver Hodge Building) artwork is displayed during the Month of March, and we are needing volunteers to help hang the show. Please contact Michelle Barnes or Sarah Carnes if you are interested. Artwork needs a label taped to the bottom right corner in neat PRINT, black pen or typed, taped from the back side.

Labels can be found at click EVENTS, click YOUTH ART MONTH, click, documents and you can find Sarah and Michelle’s contact information on this website also.

Free School Tours of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art!

Guided tours of the Museum provide a discussion-centered experience for students and teachers. Docents, the Museum’s tour guides, facilitate encounters with art that include components of state and national standards in the visual arts, social studies, and language arts.
Free admission and transportation reimbursement for groups who serve school-aged children, is provided through the generosity of the Inasmuch Foundation and other donors.
To arrange a tour for your students, email,, or call (405) 236-3100, ext. 213.

Portfolio Day a Huge Success

The OAEA and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art hosted Portfolio Day 2015 on Friday, January 16, and the student turnout was fantastic! Over 200 students attended the event and used this opportunity to meet with colleges and universities to discover more about their visual arts programs, as well as display their own artwork to receive feedback from professors and university representatives. Oklahoma universities and college made-up the majority of the group, while the Art Institute of Chicago represented the out-of-state school. Below are more details pertaining to the event:

By the Numbers:
Oklahoma high schools who participated: 29
College and universities who participated: 11
Students showing portfolio work: 188
Students without portfolio work: 22

A huge “thank you” goes out to Jann Jeffrey for organizing this event, as she put forth a great deal of hard work to bring this together!


Young People’s Art Exhibit & Youth Art Month

The Young People’s Art Exhibit at Oklahoma Contemporary is still accepting artwork for their 2015 show in Oklahoma City. Click here for more details. The 2015 schedule for Youth Arts Month (YAM) has been updated as well. Please take a moment to see what’s happening for YAM 2015!

Junior Young Talent in Oklahoma Information and Forms Availble

If you teach middle school or junior high, we encourage you to enter your students’ artwork into the 2015 Junior Young Talent in Oklahoma exhibition. Click here for the Jr. YTIO information or you may access this page anytime by clicking the “Events” drop down tab on the menu bar.

Winter Issue of The Artifice Now Available

The Winter 2014 issue of The Artifice is now available online! Get the latest news on several upcoming art exhibitions and competitions coming up in Oklahoma for a variety of grade levels, as well as several past events from 2014.

If you are interested in entering student work into the 2015 Junior Young Talent in Oklahoma exhibition, the necessary documents and information will be posted later this week. Be sure to subscribe to our website via email to receive the latest news and information as it becomes available. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the email subscription form.

New Board Meeting Minutes & OAEA Brochure Posted

The November OAEA Board Meeting minutes have been posted along with the new OAEA informational brochure. Also, don’t forget to sign up for Portfolio Day (January 16, 2015) by contacting Jann Jeffrey.

Young Talent in Oklahoma (YTIO) Forms Posted

Forms and information for the 2015 Young Talent in Oklahoma Exhibition are now available. If you have any questions, please use the contact form found on the Young Talent in Oklahoma page under “Events.”